Rates & Insurance

Credit/debit/HSA cards and checks are accepted for payment. Self-paying clients who file an insurance claim, file for HSA reimbursement or want a receipt for tax purposes can receive a complete billing statement upon request. If you have mental health benefits through your insurance provider, please check with me and them to see if I am still a provider.  Mental  health, also known as Behavioral Health, benefits may not be managed by the same company that handles your physical health benefits. Rates can be requested by contacting me via email at [email protected] or phone at 512-494-9294.

Questions you may need to ask your Insurance Company:

1-What company handles my behavioral health benefits?

2-Is (Counselor) on your behavioral health provider list?

3-Do I have a deductible to meet and what is my co-pay or co-insurance per session?

4-How many sessions are allowed? 

5-If my counselor is not in-network, what are my out-of-network benefits for counseling sessions with CPT codes 90791 (initial visit) and 90837 (ongoing visits)?

6-If I am filing my own claim, where do I mail/fax it? Can it be securely emailed?

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